Choosing the Ideal Data Room for Due Diligence Success

The time machine has not been invented yet, and teleport is still beyond the boundary of accessible, but your company can be in several places at the same time, and the whole structure can fit in the palm of your hand. It sounds like a fantasy, but it is a reality that can be achieved with the help of digital technology and a virtual data room.


This technology allows the company to fully immerse itself in the digital space, to establish communication channels, to carry out internal and external activities, to work on a business level, and to have all the means for effective due diligence. The use of this technology simplifies a dozen tasks, increases the company’s rating, creates an investor data room, and creates a great offer in case of a sale or acquisition. 


This puts a special emphasis on due diligence processes because traditional methods have been out of use for a long time, and companies without them look a little behind the curve. Here’s why it should be. 

The Importance of Choosing the Right Data Room

In the vastness of the Internet, there are dozens of offers from various service providers. Among these, there are no bad ones, or almost no bad ones. But from the total pile, it is necessary to sift out what is not quite suitable. What criteria should be considered?

  1. Availability of due diligence direction. Some vendors are able to provide a few elements that will fit this case, others specifically develop the environment, blocks and tools for this procedure.

  2. Excellent interface. The data room for investors and external visitors should be easy to use, manage and intuitive. No one wants to waste time getting to know a company that is not easy to get into. 

  3. Robust security. These rooms will hold the usual papers, accounts, financial statements, and legal contracts, and this should not fall into the wrong hands. Encryption of communication channels, restricted access and work restrictions are important elements to keep confidential information safe, generate investor confidence and not give competitors a chance to find out anything.

  4. Toolkit. Not everyone likes to rummage through a stack of papers and hundreds of files. Many investors will want to see the report they need at a glance. They may want to generate their own query or analysis. The virtual room should provide them with that.


This checklist of data rooms importance will help the consumer identify their favorites early on and continue to get to know them in more detail with a preliminary decision. 

Types of Data Rooms

What is a data room due diligence? It is a complete working environment for most office, managerial and contractual tasks. So how is a VDR better than a conventional building? Absolutely everything, and here is a table of comparisons.


Virtual Data Room

Physical Data Room 

Purchase of a service package from a supplier in 1 hour

Constructing a physical building or leasing a space, which will require future cleaning, maintenance, repairs and utility bills

1000 workers in one space

The square footage of the building has limited space

One personal device per person is required

Одного компьютера недостаточно, чтоб проводить совещания или презентации  

Logging into a personal virtual data room will be done faster than a minute

One computer is not enough to conduct meetings or presentations

Meeting, convention and presentation can be organized in a few minutes

Waste of time for traveling, commuting, etc.

Meeting in the physical data room must be arranged in advance so that everyone can be present

Flexible customization system, unlimited system changes, adding nodes and integrating technologies

Making changes requires the use of specialists and time, the rooms will be unavailable during the change period


As we can see from the table, the VDR benefits are large enough to safely give up the physical room. The only thing that a virtual room can never allow is a physical handshake between partners and direct eye contact between interlocutors. 

Key Features to Look for in a Data Room

The list of positive features and capabilities will be quite broad and often individual in nature. But there are a few indicators that are necessary and can be met for all users, visitors and outsiders that may have to deal with it, such as during due diligence.


Comfortable environment and strong security: data room security is designed with comfort in mind for use by power users and others that may have temporary access to it. There are also several barriers to protection and control over the activity of the working environment. Unauthorized persons will be rejected, and attempted intrusion will be detected. Trusted persons can safely stay in the rooms for authorized time but can be excluded on request. Implemented security protocols are designed to meet high, world-class standards.


Easy and convenient: the platform is designed with multitasking in mind, so the user interface has a well-structured and organized environment. Quick drag and drop, instant alerts, multiple people working on the same file, accessibility collaboration tools without interfering with each other, and more. This is just the tip of what’s available.


Visit and Stay: the company can organize a meeting for participants from all corners of the world in the shortest possible time, hold a full meeting, use special blocks to help plan tasks and track progress, and all actions are immediately noted in the internal log.


These are the main qualities that primarily interest the founders and heads of the company. When everything is clearly planned, controlled, and corrected in a timely manner, the result is sure to be good. 

Evaluating Data Room Providers

Company heads always know what they lack and where there are weaknesses in their work. Even without in-depth study, global problems are immediately visible. To solve the problem of the main array, it is enough to pay attention to the selection criteria: 

  • Pricing policy and contract term: not always a cheap price at the start is justified in the long term. Set of features and functions: data room costs can be flexible, have only basic functions, or be additional according to the specification of the activity.

  • Service: good data room providers help with the implementation of rooms in the work environment, provide training for staff, provide support for the entire period of use.

  • Ability to change: not always a ready-made system is able to satisfy the customer 100%. Sometimes it is necessary to resort to the author’s solutions and custodial improvements, which is not possible for providers with poor training.

Users can make clearer requirements individually and build on them. Good platforms will always help to solve the problem. 

Best Practices for Setting Up Your Data Room

A service provider has been found, and the company is ready to move into the digital space. But what should be done to make it work? A few simple steps will help you quickly get the data room setup and fully operational, while minor changes can be made later.

Organization and Structure

The person in charge should create rooms and sections of the organization. To establish links between them, it may be necessary to administer several projects in parallel at the same time. This is easier with virtual data rooms. It is worth making a couple of clicks in the settings, and document organization will be done semi-automatically. It means that one document for two projects is loaded by drag-and-drop only once, and this will be duplicated. Likewise, it is also possible to use teachable artificial intelligence that, after receiving instructions, is able to sort documents independently and even notify the specified employees of the company.

Access Management

One of the beauties of virtual data rooms is that you don’t have to prepare a separate folder with documents for investors, partners, consumers, and government regulators. The system will help you compile the necessary sections quickly and confidently.


There is no need to worry about privacy and data protection. The “Security and Protection” section allows you to create access levels and give certain rights to both employees and visitors. In practice, it looks like an employee can study and modify the document, and visitors can only see it. There is also copy and save protection, visibility restriction protection, and time frame protection. The selected document will not be fully available for study, but only the authorized part.


The data rooms cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. Access management authorizes the user and checks the device and the network they are coming from. Any suspicious activity will be blocked immediately, so even knowing the login password, it is not always possible to break in unhindered. 

Ongoing Management

Each opening of a document will be recorded by the system. The log shows who did it, when, and what manipulations were performed on the file. This enhances control for company executives. Toolkits allow real-time document processing and communication between participants via internal communication channels, data exchange, duplication, and the use of artificial assistants to help. Special query and analysis constructors will summarize, collect a layer of information, and filter out only the necessary.


After launching and customizing virtual rooms, managers only have to control processes, spend more time on management decisions, and enjoy the fact that everything works better than the clock mechanism. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid

The company gets a wonderful space, but constantly some difficulties, failures and errors in work start to occur. This means that some aspects have been overlooked or, on the contrary, overemphasized.

Overlooking Security

Security algorithms meet the highest quality standards, and it knows how to work. Unless it’s a banking system or a federal district organization, you don’t want to push it too hard. Too strong security measures can cause a number of problems. For example, the system checks the employee’s device and only allows access from a work device. But an employee needed to work on the weekend from a home device. The security system not only denied access but also blocked the user. Now it will take a lot of time for the administrator to find out about the problem, unblock the employee and add another device to the list. You should not set up scanning of ALL downloaded files, because a scanned copy of a contract has never been able to sneak a virus into the system.

Poor Organization

Before you get back to concentrating on your duties in the company, it will be good to take more time to organize your work environment. This refers to having enough of all the departments and rooms for them, setting up automatic cell sorting and file alerts, and customizing tools for key tasks. By putting these things off until later, users will still have to come back to this step, but it will be during work time and will take up some of their valuable time. 

Neglecting User Training

Many users who have had experience with cloud storage, file sharing or even other vendors’ virtual rooms are confident that they know everything. This confidence can play a cruel trick. User training is an important step because it will help you work properly and efficiently, simplifying some tasks and speeding up many processes. 


When users encounter data room mistakes, it will be best to contact the support team. Even if it is the best data room for startups, it may still require changes, tweaks or trivial training from the provider. 

Case Studies: Successful Data Room Implementation

Tens of thousands of companies around the world have been using VDR technology in their operations for a long time. Hambantota International Port Group can boast of such experience. This company operates the largest port in the world. When HIPG needed to pass a series of inspections and get approvals, physical inspections at all stages would have reduced the company’s efficiency, which would have delayed shipments to all corners of the world. The solution to the situation was the use of VDR. The controlling authorities conducted most of the procedures through virtual rooms, and only at one stage did the commission have to visit the port in person. This avoided the suspension of work cycles and disruptions.


Another example of using VDR is the financial company PETTERSON & BENNETT, which conducts financial audits. Excellent due diligence success was achieved after the company implemented virtual data rooms. This increased the speed of the company’s work and allowed it to cover more projects at the same time. This has taken the company to the next level.


Data room case studies demonstrate that in the nineteenth century, failure to apply digital technology to work can be fatal for a company. 

Choosing the Right Data Room for Your Business Size and Sector

It was mentioned earlier about the criteria and what you should look out for when choosing a service provider. It was also mentioned that it can be different to meet individual requirements. This difference can be seen in the data room example for a large and small company. Here are some useful tips.


Tips for a small company

Tips for a large organization

  • Focus on startup data room, such packages can be cheaper

  • Do not order rooms for more than 200 employees, this will save money and can be changed in the future.

  • Clearly define industry-specific data rooms so that you don’t have to spend extra money on improvements or authoring solutions

  • Consider 3-6 month packages, the price will be lower than monthly and won’t hit your budget

  • Consider the specifics of all departments for the enterprise data room so that you have all the tools you need

  • Take into account scalability and number of employees, taking into account subsidiaries

  • Consider tariff plans with a term of 1 year or more, it will be very profitable.

  • Enable a personal support team, they are always ready for new challenges in technology implementation and customization.  


Large companies and global brands that have a large financial income can afford to spend more to get the best quality services. At the same time, small organizations or start-ups struggle to keep their budgets, but this does not mean that they should receive lower quality. They need to put in a little effort, research service packages in detail, and make personal comparisons to hit the mark. 

The Future of Data Rooms in Due Diligence

The reality is that technological advances are strongly rooted in the modern lives of ordinary users and businesses alike. Without digital technology, some business activities would simply be impossible. There is no doubt that the future of data rooms promises to be in demand, and to have a modern company, it is necessary to follow technology trends and learn about them.


Virtual data rooms do not need a big advertising campaign, because, even now, almost every person or employee uses certain services on the Internet. This could be storing files, sending documents, using online editors, and more. But with VDR, users have no need to bounce between multiple vendors’ platforms because everything is already gathered in one place. What’s more, a virtual room will provide:

  • A comfortable environment;

  • Necessary services and operations;

  • Specific tools;

  • Cloud-based processing capacity;

  • Intrusion protection;

  • Automatic backup storage;

  • Configuration flexibility and customization;

  • Ability to deploy, integrate and expand;

  • Favorable terms and conditions.

It seems that this is more than enough. Give service providers a chance to demonstrate their potential during the trial period, and you definitely won’t regret it. 


There are many answers to due diligence questions among the data room FAQs. Here are some of them.

Can VDR speed up due diligence?

Usually, it takes 1 to 6 months, but with VDR, you are more likely to get the process done in the shortest amount of time.

Do government agencies trust VDR for due diligence?

This is not only trusted but also welcomed by VDRs.

How reliable will due diligence through VDR be?

Using VDR for this does not differ from the classical method with papers, but it is faster, more efficient and effective. 


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